Why Should You Wear A Cycling Top Rather Than A Regular T-Shirt When You Go Riding?

When you are riding a bike, it can be tempting to go out in the stylish clothes that you are already wearing. Whilst this is going to save you a little bit of time, it could make your riding experience much less pleasant. You should always have several pairs of cycling shorts or leggings in your wardrobe because this will help to keep your thigh muscles warm and will reduce the risk of an injury.

A cycling top is one of the most important pieces of clothing that you can wear when you are riding your bike. Why should you wear cycling jerseys rather than regular stylish t-shirts when you go riding?

The Cycling Top Will Protect You From The Cold

Cold weather and rain should not put you off when you want to get in the saddle. Instead, you should relish the chance to go cycling whilst the weather is cooler. Instead of wearing a regular t-shirt, you should pull on a cycling top before you head out of the door.

This type of jersey will retain heat and will protect you from the elements effectively. A quality cycling jersey will protect you from the cold and your muscles will not start to seize up. At the end of your ride, you will feel invigorated rather than freezing.

You can try out different cycling tops to see which one is going to prove the most effective at keeping the cold at bay.

The Cycling Top Is Breathable So You Don’t Sweat Too Much

Most regular t-shirts are made of cotton, which means that air cannot pass through the material easily. The heavy nature of the cotton means that you might sweat a lot when you are riding your bike. Instead, you can wear a breathable cycling top which allows air to pass through small holes in the jersey. This will cool you down on a hot summer’s day.

Dehydration can cause problems when you are riding your bike, so make sure that you are drinking a lot of water as you are riding. Once you have finished, you should keep up your fluid intake, because you can continue to sweat long after the ride has stopped.

The Cycling Top Is Padded To Protect You During A Crash

Wearing a cycling top will help to keep you safe as well as regulating your body temperature. The cycling top is also designed to provide some cushioning against cuts and bruises if you happen to fall off the bike at high speed. You will be thankful that you have worn a proper cycling shirt and not a thin t-shirt.

The Cycling Top Is Illuminated So That You Can Be Seen Clearly

Illumination is important when you are riding your bike because this will prevent other vehicles on the road from crashing into you.

A cycling top is always preferable to a regular t-shirt when you are riding your bike.

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