Understanding Men’s Shirts

Unlike the common stereotypical notion, men in the 21st century take their dressing seriously. It is beyond doubt, however, that fashion remains to be one of the topics that most men will least prefer to indulge in. Men are, however, still dependent on their female counterparts for approval on whether they have it right in the way they are dressed.

The differences between a man’s shirt and a woman’s shirt can be helpful in informing you why the man’s shirt has buttons on the right, and a woman’s shirt has buttons on the left. The same notion is held in the making of zippers for jackets. Besides knowing this, there are other things that a man ought to know when buying a shirt for their own use

Knowing Your Measurements

More often than not, men will find themselves shopping for a shirt in a clothes store than buying it out from a tailor. This is one of the reasons why most of the men wear shirts that do not fit them well enough. The perfect fit for a shirt should be well fitted on your body, with minimal excessive material left. The shirts needs to be tight, but the tight hold should be enough to allow for your comfortable movement in one way or another.

Shoulder seams should fit properly, and should not extend past the shoulder. The seams should perfectly hug your shoulders, such that you will not have them going down the arm’s length.

The sleeve of your shirt should also be comfortably extending to, and not beyond, your wrist. A great shirt does not form billows by piling below the wrist, and neither is it too short to reach the wrist.

Finer Details

It is important to have the go to shirt, but almost all men have a shirt that looks more out of the norm for themselves. The shirt may have some finer details, and some detailed additional features in design..

Some shirts have been created with pleats, which hold extra fabric to allow some more room for the wearer in case it is required. Pleats can be a good bonus for a prolonged life time with your shirt, but the real deal is that the pleat may look bad if it billows out. Trying the shirt beforehand would be much better an option in the first place.

Paying Attention to the Collar

Collars come in different styles, and they can be cutaways, to English spreads. The choice for a specific collar type can be overwhelming since there are many collar styles, but finding a collar that is not as trendy or as conservative from Sumisura would prove confusing to you. If you are not sure of what type to pick, a semi-spread will always be the better option.

The fitting of the collar should be in a way that you can put a finger comfortably, in between the shirt and the neck. A collar should not dig into your neck or fit loosely around your neck.


The choice of fabric, if well understood, is determined by your style. Also, having a heavy fabric would be bad for summer.  Though there are different types of fabric, you should not get caught up in trying to master the yarn numbers. Rather, yarn numbers are meant to help you understand the quality of the shirt, and a high quality shirt has a high yarn number.

In conclusion, men should be sure of the colors they want to dress in. Most men will opt for solid colors. If the choice for color is confusing, a solid white or blue will always work out well for you.

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