The Importance of Play in the Development of Children

Safety, creativity, adventure, exploration, and role playing are all factors that support a child’s learning and growth.  As a parent, it is important to purchase toys and equipment and engage children in activities that support their mental, cognitive, social, and physical development while allowing them to be immersed in games and playtime that is fun and limited only by their imagination.

Links between Play Equipment and Development

Play equipment, such as a kids wooden play kitchen, is one such tool that provide the link between learning and fun. Play equipment like this delivers age appropriate challenges for each child’s multiple senses, including sensory and visual stimulation.  This type of equipment is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Sensory stimulation: Children’s play equipment is typically designed with bright colours that are attractive to children. This provides dynamic sensory input and helps to develop eyesight and visual processing areas of the growing brain.
  • Durability: A sturdy and hard wearing piece of play equipment can be used by one or more children over and over again. This is important because studies show that children learn through repetition.
  • Emulation: Provides a replica of adult size equipment so that children can emulate the tasks associated with preparing, cooking, and serving food. Learning through mimicry or copying is an essential skill that all children learn and use throughout their lives.

Choosing the Right Play Equipment

As a busy mum, dad, or grandparent, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of choices that are available on the marketplace.  There are play kitchens for all ages and for both genders. Many are made with different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. Some have the capacity to light up and make sounds. Many are even designed to be either portable or to be positioned and remain stationary in cubby houses.

Choosing a mini play kitchen can be a challenge if you are time poor.  In this case, it is recommended that you opt for something that is durable and does not require a lot of care or maintenance.  A wooden set is the preferred option in this case.

A wooden construction will provide durability, which is important if the set is to be used by more than one child. It should be easy to keep clean, which is important if children want to experiment with real food and liquids. And, finally, it should be difficult to break or damage, which is vital when it is being used by toddlers who enjoy banging pots, pans, and other items together in order to make noise and generate movement.

The Ideal Way to Play and Learn

A mini kitchen play set is the ideal way for your child or children to learn through play.  Play based learning is a key feature of preschool programs across the world and by using this mini play kitchen your child will quickly develop and extend some of those skills, which will prepare them as they progressively move into higher levels of learning at school.

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