The Go-to Guide for Girdles, Waist Trainers, Corsets and Corselettes

Corset being fastenedDoes the sound of the ‘S’ word leave you feeling a little daunted? Summer …. that is what we are talking about. Certainly, summer can mean the chance to unwind on a gorgeous beach, to sip on a cool cocktail while taking in the views or have a fun BBQ with family and friends, however, it can also mean weather that is very hot. In other words, everyone is wearing the bare necessities and that seems to be it.

If the idea of putting on shapewear in hot weather makes you feel weak at the knees you actually have nothing to worry about. At Elle Courbee we have a number of excellent ideas for you, they will help you to show off your best features, like those beautiful curves and give you all you need to feel like the confident, beautiful woman that you are. Our blog contains lots of tips on shapewear and also the never-ending question; should you wear a bra to bed?

Perhaps you have already given control briefs a try, or even worn a corset, but you may have no idea where girdles come into play, as well as other shapewear items, so here comes a list of our top pieces and a little explanation as to what they deliver on.

Pany Girdles – Giving Support That Is Unrestricted

In contrast to corsets, girdles can give support without you having that restricted feeling since they are not boned but made from a material which gives high compression. Our girdles are available in a number of styles, like cycling shorts and control briefs so you can focus on smoothing and lifting your tummy and bottom.

We provide a number of girdles, in particular, we are crazy about the feminine panty girdle from Naturana since it has reinforced support and the lace edging is to die for.

Waist Trainers to Give You  Transformation

Waist trainers are definitely all about transforming your shape and giving you that enviable hourglass figure. In fact, they are pretty hot in the shapewear community at the moment thanks to Holywood A-listers like Kylie Jenner donning them. You can look at our post “Waist Training: top tips for killer curves”, it gives lots more information.

Specially designed for wear during a workout, waist trainers work via thermogenesis, in other words, they melt that fat away. To make sure you get the results you want you need to wear the correct size and don’t keep it on all day – 8 hours is the maximum time advised.

If waist training is new to you, you could opt for our Bodycorset tummy control shaping brief which will help you to target any tummy bulge and minimize those lumps and bumps we all hate to see.

Corsets – Creating Curves to Die For

Corsets can also accentuate our curves, just like waist trainers can, and give us that beautiful silhouette while also creating good posture. Corsets have become very popular of late, again thanks to those A-listers like Kim Kardashian, remember that incredibly tight corseted dress she wore at the 2019 Met Gala?

We offer a Shirly of Holywood satin corset which has multi-boning at the front and extra comfort and flex is offered by the lace-up back. A lovely sweetheart bust line is also part of our satin white design and you can purchase a matching G-string if you wish.

Corselettes – Hard To Beat

Designed with the modern plus size lady in mind, corselettes combine the shape enhancement that a corset offers with the support that a bra provides. Our Smooth silhouette party corselette is not wired and uses fabric that is breathable and light, whatever outfit you have in mind, it can be slipped underneath to give a smooth silhouette. The three sections hook and three positions hook-and-eye also mean that you do not need to compromise on comfort.

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