Putting Together an Outfit that Reflects Your Own Style

Everyone has his or her own particular fashion sense and style, but sometimes it’s difficult to put together an outfit that reflects this because you just can’t find the right clothing and accessories to create the look you really want. This is especially true if your fashion sense runs towards the Gothic, metal, punk, or alternative styles. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can create great outfits which reflect your style no matter what the event and despite the difficulty in finding what you want.

Look at Your Accessories

Accessorizing can do a lot for your look and can transform what your outfit says about you. For example, by adding a necklace, bracelets, and earrings with skulls on them, you can give any dress a bit of an edge even if it’s a cheery sunshine yellow color. You can also change up your look with your shoes. Heels are going to make any outfit look a little more formal than flats, for example. Then you can choose a purse, a belt, and a shawl to add even more options.


Men don’t have quite as much to work with but shoes, belts, ties, and jackets can all be used to change up how you look. Wearing a bowtie will make you stand out more than wearing a regular tie, for example, and will make people think you’re more of a hipster. Rolling up your sleeves gives you a more casual look even if you’re wearing a tie and vest.

Order Custom Clothing

If you really want an outfit that expresses yourself and your style, you can order custom clothing from a company such as mylittlehalo.com. You’ll be able to provide your ideas on what you want and then a designer will create something unique just for you. Because it’s custom-made to your measurements, the outfit will fit you perfectly, too, something that’s often very difficult to find if you don’t seem to fit a standard body size and shape.

Mix and Match

You may have several articles of clothing that you’ve always worn together, but have you ever tried pairing them with other things you own? You might find that doing so creates a brand-new look that is much more a reflection of your style than the outfits you had originally worn. Try mixing and matching all of your tops and bottoms, and then try different accessories and shoes to see what new looks you can create.

This is also a good way of making your wardrobe seem much larger than it is. No one will realize you’re simply wearing many of the same pieces in different ways. It can be especially great for long trips when you can’t pack a lot of clothing to take with you. For example, a nice pair of slacks can be worn with a t-shirt for a casual look or paired with a button-up shirt and vest or a nice blouse to create a more professional outfit.

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