In modern society, it is quite difficult to find a shoe that you can wear in both casual and formal settings—and it is an extra burden to find a shoe style that is unisex, like the trainer. In Europe and the United States, the trainer has become a very viable shoe option for a wide variety of clothing style options. To see how the trainer can benefit your own personal wardrobe, continue reading below:


The Trainer for Men

Men have the luxury of using the trainer for a wide variety of style options. The trainer is a sensational option for a look combining slacks, a button down, and a blazer. For those men who are looking for a more casual affair, they can easily use their trainers with jeans and a polo shirt. Additionally, for men who are looking for shoes to wear to the beach that offer more support than a sandal, wearing a trainer is a great option with shorts and a trendy shirt.

The casual look aside, men also have the option of combining their trainers with their tuxedos. While this is quite unorthodox, it has been seen in many of the style catalogues with celebrities sporting their trainers with black slacks, a matching blazer, a white shirt, and a skinny black tie. What is incredible about this is that the two styles actually do work together in some bizarre way.

All in all, men have a plethora of opportunities to use cheap trainers in their wardrobe. This is precisely why many luxury designers have implemented trainers in a wide variety of colour options into their corresponding collections.

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The Trainer for Women

Trainers have made a recent comeback for women, which has been quite unexpected in the fashion world. Even though trainers are not as popular in the Spanish-speaking countries of the world, they have made a comeback in countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and many more.

Women are greatly enjoying the option to combine their trainers with a blazer, sophisticated shirt, and trousers. This look is ideal to throw on after a long day of work on a Friday in order to go to a restaurant or bar with friends.

Trainer for Women

Another aspect of the trainer that has come into style for women is the trend of wearing trainers with a nice shirt. There have been many designer trainers that have been implemented in the fashion market in fun seasonal colours that women are really responding to.

The Consumer Report

Consumers in the fashion market as a whole have really responded to the resurgence of trainers in the market. What makes trainers so marketable is that they are a basic design that has the potential to be brought to the luxury market. This is precisely why the couture houses have caught on to this trend and have showcased it in their fashion week shows. It is highly likely in the coming years that we will see trainers shown in fashion shows with sophisticated outfits that greatly complement the shoes. Thus, it is highly recommended that you sample trainers and see how they can transform your already sophisticated wardrobe into something iconic, yet chic.

The Consumer Report

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