The office takes up most of the time of your day. If you spend the majority of your time at a place, it is necessary to feel comfortable there. Formal clothes in the office environment are the rule. There can be variations and different takes on work wear but in actual terminology,work means formal clothing.

Formal clothing can be uncomfortable at times. They are well-fitted clothes, and there is a huge possibility that you don’t feel at ease in them all the time. This guide will help you solve this problem. Yes, dressing formally without feeling uncomfortable is possible. All you need are some small tips and some wardrobe essentials.

The essence of these tips lies in home comfort. Just think about what gives you comfort at home and incorporate those elements at work and in your formal clothing. Comfort is not magic; itessentially lies in comfortable clothing.

  1. Opt for the most comfortable garment-

Classic light blue jeans are found in everyone’s closet. These are one of the most comfortable clothing regarding lower wear.  They can be worn to work with a fitted white shirt. You can add a blazer to add more to the outfit. This can be worn to work on weekdays.

  1. Incorporate some fashion-

Palazzo pants are not your regular formal wear but if you wear these pants in black with a well-fitted shirt of a lighter colour you can wear them to work. Pull your hair back for a sleek look. If you wear a blazer with this look, make sure it is the same colour as the pants. This look is perfect when you are having a presentation.

  1. Take some risks-

It is not at all necessary to wear a pencil skirt or trouser when there is a formal brunch or a meeting with a client in a restaurant. For these occasions, you can go for dresses. There are various types of dresses which can give you a professional yet refreshing look. One of them is a skater dress, worn in a solid colour.Skater dress is one of the most popular women’s clothing online.

  1. The ultimate decider-

Formal dresses for women are available in all sorts of fabric. A bulk of work wear is available in cotton. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics for all seasons. You should try to buy formal clothing in this fabric. It ensures that no matter what you wear, it feels comfortable to your skin.

  1. Release the foot stress-

This is a hack which is derived straight from home comfort. Since most of your time at the officeis spent on your desk, you can easily cheat with your footwear. Keep a spare pair of slip on shoes (preferably in black or blue) on your desk. Once you have settled in the office, you can easily change your footwear. If you want to increase your comfort level, you can try flip-flops as well.

  1. Go light on accessories-

In the hot and humid weather, you would prefer to let your body breathe. This is possible when you wear mini malistic accessories. Give all the fancy scarves and cravats a rest. You can all do with only a watch on your wrist for this season.

It is easy to pull off comfortable casuals as formal wear but just with a twist. Keep it clean and tucked in and things will smoothly work out for you.

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