How to Choose the Right Cycling Clothing

Buying bike-specific clothing makes for a comfortable ride.  Whether you’re on the road, hitting the trail or commuting to and from work, having the right type of cycling clothing really does matter.  Reputable online retailers have an exciting range of designer men’s and women’s cycling clothing to choose from such as:-

  1. Cycling jerseys
  2. Cycle shorts
  3. T-shirts
  4. Men’s polos
  5. Hoodies
  6. Tights
  7. Caps

There are also accessories like cycling socks, men’s boxer briefs and even cycling towels.  One thing’s for sure, wearing branded cycling attire will help you perform better and ride longer.  You’ll not only feel good but look good too helping to make your cycling more enjoyable.

Cycling jerseys, shorts, and tights

OK, you don’t have to squeeze into skin-tight Spandex cycling clothing covered with corporate logos just to go to the grocery store.  However when you’re out on your own or with a group of friends on a cycling adventure it’s cool to look the part, especially when wearing creative brand inspired clothing.  There’s lots of online info about what to look out for when buying:-

  1. Cycle jerseys
  2. Bike shorts
  3. Bike tights, knickers and leg warmers
  4. Cycling jackets
  5. Bike T-shirts and polos
  6. Cycling caps
  7. Cycling socks and boxer briefs

Whatever kind of bike clothing you choose to buy a, it’s important to get the layering right. Layering your clothing can keep your core body temperature consistent as you ride. Being too warm can be just as bad as being too cold because during cycling, your body wastes energy at both extremes trying to regulate itself.  There are generally three traditional components of layering:-

  • A next-to-the-skin layer like long underwear that wicks away moisture
  • An insulating middle layer
  • A weatherproof or windproof outer shell

Check out handy hints, tips and advice for the correct cycle clothing layering.

So many different types of cycle shorts to choose from

If you’re thinking of buying stylish and eye-catching cycle shorts, you’re in luck. Recommended online retailers have an extensive range of men’s and women’s cycling shorts for sale.  Before placing your order, begin by choosing the colour and size, then select your product.  How about ordering:-

Raglan Jersey

  • Men’s bib shorts – men’s bib shorts are comfortable to wear, supportive and provide a snug fit.  They are designed to be body-contoured and have panel construction for extra comfort. Bib cycle shorts also feature reflected strips on the rear leg seams, gripper elastic on leg cuffs while being laser cut for seamless comfort.  Expect durable, breathable, lightweight shorts that provide flat locked seams to prevent chafing as well as UPF 50+ sun protection when wearing a pair of men’s bib shorts.
  • Women’s bib shorts – women’s bib shorts tick all the right boxes when it comes to body contour along with panel construction for superior comfort and fit.  There’s also quality chamois for breathability and moisture wicking.  The lightweight fabric with a 4-way stretch provides the ultimate in comfort as well as outstanding thermal properties.  When wearing women’s bib shorts, flat locked seams keep chafing away while UPF 50+ offers sun protection.
  • Men’s logo cycle shorts – add style to your cycling wardrobe with a pair of men’s logo cycle shorts.  These creatively designed and well-manufactured shorts will mix ‘n’ match with any jersey.  Specifically designed with an emphasis on comfort, men’s logo cycle shorts available to buy in black, will perform no matter what the distance or terrain.
  • Women’s rose tattoo cycle shorts – women’s rose tattoo cycle shorts are very popular.  They can be mixed and matched with other kinds of women’s cycling clothing such as jerseys and T-shirts.  Colourful in design shorts are available in different sizes from XS through to 2XL.  When wearing a pair of rose tattoo cycle shorts, you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

It doesn’t matter what sort of bike or what sort of surface you ride on, road, dirt, gravel or track, being dressed in a top of the range cycle shorts, jerseys, T-shirts and hoodies is the real deal.  Mixing and matching cycle clothing is always part of the fun for cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Check out free shipping

Reputable online cycling clothing and accessories specialists offer free shipping on all orders.  This provides the perfect opportunity to get fully kitted out with the latest cycling attire.  Why not sign up for a newsletter so you can receive exclusive offers and updates on new products?  So you don’t miss out on the very best cycling clothing, complete an online form with your:-

  1. E-mail address
  2. Name
  3. Country where you live

When ordering cycling clothing from established retailers, you can expect every product to be made from the highest quality fabrics. What’s more, prints have a soft feel that goes with style, ideal for casual and technical cycling wear.  Many cycling clothing products feature original hand drawn or painted graphics by renowned designers who take great pride in what they do.

Don’t forget the cap!

Right, you’ve ordered a cycling jersey, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a hoodie, but what about the cap? No cycling outfit is complete without a cap, it wouldn’t be the same. Original designer cycling caps are the perfect match for accompanying cycling clothing.  When purchasing cycling caps from specialists, benefit from:-

  • Classic cycling cap fits
  • One size fits all – unisex
  • Products which have 100% polyester for improved ventilation

Of course, as with other types of cycling attire you can also go crazy mixing and matching clothing to your heart’s content.  If you’re not really into cycling but know somebody who is, maybe a family member or a friend for instance, then a cycling gift card is a great idea.  Gift cards are just right if you’re shopping for someone else and are a little unsure of what to buy them for a birthday, special occasion or Christmas.

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