Fashion Designs That Are Considered to Be the Most Iconic

Some clothing trends will come into existence and last only for a short time before they are replaced by the next, but concepts made by famous fashion brands like Dior, Saint Laurent, and Chanel will easily stand the test of time and never get replaced.

The three-piece by Chanel, the safari jacket by YSL, and the trench by Burberry are just a few of the iconic fashion styles that are commonly used by women of all ages. The following designs, according to Chester Jefferies. are considered to be the most iconic and influential ones to have ever been created.

Coco Chanel

Has created many fashion trends that are used by the average person, and by those in high fashion settings. Items like the LBD and the 2.55 flap bag are easy to find.

The Chanel suit – No matter if it’s the Lagerfeld version or the original – is regarded as an iconic signature item from the company.

Grace Kelly, Jackie O, and many other fashion icons from the past and present have worn the suit, making it a fashion piece with great endurance.

Burberry Trench

Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in Britain for making outerwear. Thomas patented a material called gabardine that was considered weatherproof.

1998 was marked with the launch of the Prorsum designer line which was quite successful. The Burberry brand enjoyed decades of popularity and stayed fresh with the help of designer Christopher Bailey, who helped the brand stay modern.

The trench coat by Burberry was adorned in WWI by British officers, but later was made into a product for the general public and is the most iconic item by the brand.

The coat has the perfect marriage of elegance with practicality, and will more than likely be in fashion forever.

Dior Ballet Skirt

In a post-WWII era, Christian Dior made hemlines lower, and to some, this was seen as taking women’s fashion back.

Dior was in tune with the thoughts of women and knew that femininity would be embraced by women over the years.

The end of the war brought changes in attitudes towards fashion, as styles with more flair were wanted, and the designer from France created such a style with skirts full of volume and waists that were cinched.

In modern fashion, the ballet skirt by Dior is usually found with a t-shirt or a leather jacket rather than something that was more popular during its creation, but it still gives the feminine look that Dior originally wanted.

Ferragamo ‘Vara’ Pumps

The ‘Vara’ Pumps by Ferragamo were created 35 years ago and are a classic piece of fashion.

They were the creation of Fiamma Ferragamo during the sixties, an heiress to the company. The shoes featured low heels, a rounded toe, a family signature stamped gold bucked, and a grosgrain ribbon, all of which made them easy to recognise on wearers.

In 2007, the design of the shoes was updated when the ‘Varina’ was launched. This take on the shoes make them flat and featured a casual ballet style.

YSL Smoking Jacket

Women see Yves Saint Laurent as a person who is one of the most important for empowering women using fashion.

The jacket, called ‘Le Smoking Tuxedo’, that was made in 1966 by Laurent was seen as a  fashion item that combined femininity and masculinity for women. It helped to usher in a new era of clothing that women could wear in different locations, from casual settings to corporate ones.

The jacket, which it’s velvet and black wool, have been changed many times over the years. And is seen worldwide.

This iconic piece of fashion can be worn on its own, or mix it up a little.

Manolo Blahnik Stiletto

The Manolo Blahnik Stiletto was first seen in 1971 at a fashion runway for Ossie Clark. The shoes were a unique piece of footwear in an era where heels and platform shoes were popular.

The stiletto was decorated with items that were seen as highly feminine, such as ribbons, cherries, lace, and sequins. The popularity of the shoes rose again early in the 2000s due to the shoes making toe cleavage a trend.

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