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Far too often, substances are seen as a mere vice, when in fact they play a greater role in the story of society’s cultural history. If you think of the world of Late Victorian London and chances are that one of the first figures to come to mind is Oscar Wilde, whose decadent prose, plays, and lifestyle remain some of the best and most characteristic of the era. Of course, Wilde was also an absinth enthusiast, as were so many of the most intriguing artists and writers in England and France alike at the time. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of Philosophers and Flappers, Ernest Hemingway of the Lost Generation, and Dorothy Parker was and is perhaps the best-known member of the Algonquin Round Table. Despite their different social and literary circles, we remember them all amidst the backdrop of bootleg liquor in Prohibition Era New York and Parisian Café Societies. The same holds true of the litany of musicians who made the Sixties Swing, from Bob Dylan and the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones – they all experimented with marijuana.

Today, that role is occupied increasingly by vape. Whether you are a vape enthusiast or curious about it and want to learn more, outlets like Vapeking can help you get started with this substance du jour.

Beating Big Tobacco

One of the best things about vape is the fact that it distinguishes itself from tobacco in a variety of positive ways. First and foremost, where Big Tobacco is and long has been linked to the respiratory problems tobacco can cause, there is some circumstantial evidence to suggest that vape might be a somewhat less problematic option. What’s more, typical cigarettes are pretty monolithic and dull in their design, the antithesis of creativity. By contrast, when it comes to the world of vape, customisation is key. You’ll be able to customise your e-cig from one end to the other, choosing everything from the colour and casing to its battery and beyond. In addition, you’ll also be able to enjoy a wide range of custom-made vape fluids, each one crafted by individual craftspeople proud to give their particular vape fluids their personal touch.

Say goodbye to the same old flavour over and over with tobacco and say hello to the endless new flavours you can enjoy with vape instead.

Starter Packs and Upgrading Your E-Cig

When you first look into vape kits, chances are that you’ll want to start with – what else? – a starter pack. These packs can be a perfect for new users, giving them everything they need to experience their first taste of the vape world. You’ll be able to get an e-cig, charger, and case, and some kits come with some vape fluid as well. If you decide that you enjoy vape, you can choose other flavourful vape fluids and can likewise decide to upgrade and customise your e-cig itself to your heart’s content.

Discover what the vape revolution is all about with the best outlet for vape goods in your area.

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