Chinese Style Clothes, a completely new Fashion Trend

For Chinese fashion elements, they have been largely attached to the modern fashion clothing, for instance Chinese coloring, painting and printing, embroidery technique, blue and white-colored-colored porcelain, paper cutting style, etc. More and more more world-class designers start to apply Chinese traditional elements for the modern fashion designs. This Season, clothes with Chinese style will within the finish become an important fashion element.

Today, whether in Paris, Milan or New You’ll be able to, clothes created using Chinese style are greatly preferred among people, particularly individuals designers, worldwide celebrities and super stars. Through the 57th Cannes Film Festival in 2004, Gong Li, a Chinese superstar, used the white-colored-colored Cheongsam that was produced by Tom Ford. Particularly, the trunk adopts embroidery technique that reveals a kind of magnificent Chinese characteristics. Designer Tom Ford made Gong Li embody both oriental women’s taste and western women’s elegance only at that film festival. Besides, Fan Bingbing wearing blue and white-colored-colored porcelain, Gao Yuanyuan wearing Peking embroidery dress, Zhang Jingchu wearing Dunhuang fresco dress.

This Season, while using launch in the China Marketing Video in Occasions Square in New You’ll be able to City, lots of Chinese beauty wearing dresses with Chinese style will certainly push eastern fashion elements to the world.

Chinese fashion elements are really coming ready to assist themselves to the world’s cutting-edge fashion. Applying Chinese embroidery, binding, knotted button, silk spinning to the kinds of clothes will finish up a completely new fashion trend this season. Traditional Chinese folk art of classical subtle spirit, traditional classic patterns and colors will probably be along with modern clothing styles, revealing a effective layering sense of western and eastern culture beneath the new aesthetic conflict.

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