Children – they are simply free-spirited individuals who only seek happiness, fun, friendship, and love from the people around them. The parents are the ones who are responsible for raising their children, and they serve as their first teacher. However, as parents, you still need to buy them toys to fully maximize your kid’s skills and talent.

Moreover, you must choose a toy, which allows them to learn valuable morals. Having well-valued children make us proud. They are well-respected too by everyone as they grow up. But it’s not easy to buy toys.

It’s not just about what will make your child happy; you should also consider what will they learn from this toy. Would they learn how to be calm if they will play the best quality musical instruments for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop? Or would they learn to ask ‘Sorry’ whenever they commit a mistake?

By that, here is a list of fundamental values toys must teach your children:

  1. Honesty

There are times that children tell white lies to their parents because they are afraid to get scolded. However, if it continues to be like this, children will have a hard time telling the truth. That is why parents must start honestly with their selves.

When children see their parents not being honest, they think that it is good. Teach them honesty because it is the foundation of all the values that they must learn.

  1. Love

Children always obey their parents if they are loved. Parents should teach them the importance of love and become a good example to them. You should always let their children feel loved so that they can also share the unconditional love that they have received to siblings and relatives.

  1. Gratefulness

Parents should teach their children to appreciate what is given to them no matter what the situation could be. Teach them that even though that they may experience a lot of struggles as a child, they should never forget to be thankful.

  1. Respect and Courtesy

For children to learn respect, parents should set as good examples. The parents should treat each member of the family with respect because if the children see it, they will follow it. Also, teach them always to say please, and when children know how to value their selves, they will learn to respect others.

  1. Humility

Teach your children always to apologize whenever they have done something wrong and never let their pride rule over them. Being humble lets the children gain new friends and will be able to know the importance of sorry.

Learning these values with the help of toys are something, we, parents, couldn’t do in the absence of the right tools. From toddler stage to late childhood years, they will learn how to react, interact, teach, etc., from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop’s kids playsets. As an adult, we should plan the playtime of our kids carefully through buying the perfect new toys.

But keep this in mind – they will learn the necessary life lesson once they are ready. It will come from their own experience and different type of toys. You don’t need to force them. Right now, they just need your guidance and affection.

Make the most of your time with your kids!

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